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21 03 2024

ECSO 2024 Awards - Cyber Range Features Checklist

  • Fecha de inicio21 marzo
  • Fecha de finalización22 marzo
  • LugarBochum (Alemania)
  • OrganizadorECSO

Descripción del evento

ECSO con la que colabora PESI a través de varios Socios (GT Security & Resilience -SG Cibersecurity) organiza este importante evento para el sector de la Ciberseguridad.

La Gala de Premios de ECSO se celebrará los días 21-22 Marzo 2024 en Bochum (Alemania). Además se presentará el informe sobre Cyber Range y lista de proveedores europeos.

Algunos de nuestros socios y colaboradores del SG de Ciberseguridad dentro del GT de Seguridad integral y Resiliencia de PESI, participarán en el evento.

Interesados en participar en estos Grupos de Trabajo contactar con la Secretaría Técnica (Javier Larrañeta, secretario-tecnico@pesi-seguridadindustrial.org, 626 55 72 08)


Información oficial de ECSO sobre el evento
Registration is now open for ECSO's highly anticipated event of the year – the ECSO Awards. Scheduled for 21-22 March 2024 in Bochum, Germany, this event promises to be an enriching experience. Read on for more information and secure your spot at the event by registering today!

ECSO has recently revised its Cyber Range Features Checklist & List of European Providers. This update reflects ECSO's commitment to aiding customers in articulating their cyber range requirements by compiling a comprehensive list of features, a glossary, and overview of European providers of cyber range services. The goal is to streamline the selection process for technical and service elements. Explore further details below!

ECSO updates the Cyber Range Checklist & List of European providers

Why a cyber range solutions checklist? Despite the increasing demand, customer requests for proposals (RFPs) often lack precision, impacting solution quality and customer satisfaction. The ECSO checklist aims to assist customers in clearly defining their cyber range requirements. Organisations interested in adding their solutions to this Annex can contact Nina Olesen at nina.olesen[at]ecs-org.eu. The document, regularly updated with received inputs, can be accessed here


Registration for ECSO's Award Finals are now open!
In March 2024, the highly anticipated ECSO Awards will take place in Bochum, Germany. Seize the opportunity to meet winners of the prestigious ECSO STARTup Award and the newly introduced ECSO CISO Choice Award. This event is one of our flagship initiatives, held annually to boost investments, strengthen the European market, and foster a collaborative community.

Read more about the event here

Do not miss the chance to witness European excellence! Register here today. 

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